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"The Russian Bar always keeps the crowd amazed with every trick. Their performance is a great combination of beauty and skill and they are one of the top favorite acts of our fans." - Amanda Greco, Cleveland Cavaliers


Witness the art of juggling being transformed into a spectacular performance peice, as our artist spins the cube around his body, launches it into the air and then dives acrobatically through the whirling frame creating an amazing light show as the light bounces from the cube. The artist masterfully manipulates the cube with dexterity and complete control in an infusion of acrobatic movements. This act is both mesmerizing and refreshingly original. 


A one of a kind unique aerial apparatus. In the Shape of a musical symbol, the Treble Clef, spins and hangs 9 feet long. Designed and created by power couple, Konstantin and Cassie Sandou, this beautiful apparatus truly is a gorgeous work of art by itself, but the aerialist, Cassie Sandou, who contorts her body into beautiful shapes in, around, and hanging from the treble clef, has turned this apparatus into a masterful and stunningly beautiful aerial act.
It's truly, "music in the air".

The SANDOU Trio have traveled the world performing their acts. They performed with Britney Spears and her world Circus Tour (2009), They performed on America’s Got Talent (season 6), where they set a record and performed their Russian Bar act over a large bed of nails and fire - and were named the most dangerous act. They perform for NBA halftime shows, including the 2010 NBA All Star Game, and the NBA Global games in China. The Trio also had the honor of performing their Russian Bar Act for the 2016 Men’s Gymnastics Olympic Trials. 
     The Talented Trio, currently perform in "Vegas The Show”,  at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, NV. They also continue to perform all of their specialty acts for many specialty performances, corporate shows and events, professional sporting events, Trade shows, festivals, Orchestra and Symphony Shows, Holiday shows, Locally and Globally. 

"Konstantin's is the BEST cube spinner of all time. HIs speed,  and the smoothness of his tricks is flawless. The Audiences always love the light show that is displayed during his act. What a true professional act and performer". - Micheal Brown, Hello Las Vegas

"Music is a universal Language, and Cassie's Aerial Treble Clef is a stunningly Gorgeous Aerial Masterpiece that relates to EVERYONE with a beautiful visual image". - Steve Cook, Cirque Musica


In the blink of an eye, multi talented power couple, Konstantin and Cassie Sandou, magically change from one outfit to another. In this updated version of an old circus act, Konstantin and Cassie have brought a modern, high fashion update to the costumes. Along with acrobatics and  incredibly death defying magic illusions. This fast paced, can't believe your eyes act, will completely wow all audiences! It's mesmerizing, beautiful, and Spectacular!

"I LOVE Konstantin and Cassie's QuickChange Act! They are so fast with their changes, and their costume designs are beautiful, bright and vibrant. Adding in some dangerous Magic Illusions brings their act to another level. Definitely a high quality act by high quality performers. - Rolando, Champagne Creative Group 


In a stunning display of grace and strength at heights reaching up to 30ft, our Aerial Chiffon artist floats above the audience on what seems like such delicate fabric, performing a breathtaking aerial dance which requires agility, flexibility and enormous acrobatic skill for their movement of poses and death defying drops.

"Cassie is the perfect blend of gymnast/ballerina in the air. With her strength and beautiful poise and grace, Cassie's Aerial silk act is always a win. She captures the audience with her 


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